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Expeditions: A MudRunner Game ulasan – don’t call it SnowRunner 2

A spiritual heir to Spintires and MudRunner, with a range of original twists

Remember that Death Stranding-inspired SnowRunner trailer? That’s exactly when the entire MudRunner franchise landed on every gamer’s radar. It was instantly a hit, reaching over 10 million users, and it’s still getting new content as proof of that success.

Many took it for granted that Saber Interactive would go for a bigger approach. Surprisingly enough, the team has instead gone back to the roots of the franchise. Expeditions: A MudRunner Game is a spiritual heir to Spintires and MudRunner, albeit with a range of original twists and systems borrowed from the previous game.

The game is primarily based mahjong ways on the concept of scientific expeditions. It has a tahapan-based structure instead of a true open world, and that is at least a major point of divergence from SnowRunner. Especially in the early game, this undermines what was SnowRunner’s biggest selling point – that sense of traveling through a world actively working against you, and the discovery that follows.

Due to these smaller maps, the waypoint system is a downgrade from SnowRunner. The previous game’s open world forced you to plan ahead and chart your own course across the world. Here you can often traverse it by eye rather than marking the various points to follow and trusting your choices as a cartographer.

However, contracts and side assignments encourage you to explore the maps beyond the more linear main expeditions. The varying sizes of these sandboxes led the developers to get a little more inventive, often leaving mud and rough terrain behind in favor of slopes and vertical traversal-based challenges.

In the style of the franchise, missions are typically very long. And you know what else is in the style of the franchise? Checkpoints. Checkpoints are triggered randomly and there is no save system, which is something fans have gotten used to over the years. Be prepared to lose progress if you need to go out on an errand during an expedition, or to find the game saved only at the exact moment when you rolled over with your truck.


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